What does Kahawai mean?

A Conduit for Creativity

In Ancient Hawaii, kahawai– streams running from the mountains to the ocean –enabled the Hawaiians to develop the most efficient cultivation methods of their time. A stream was the life force of a community, and water itself –wai– was revered as a symbol of prosperity.


Inspired by the Hawaiians’ resourcefulness and ingenuity with water, Kahawai Content Co. is the first marketing agency to bring the ease of the island lifestyle to the bustle of the business world. We deliver impactful creative and quality content through a simplified, streamlined workflow.


There’s a sea of content out there; Kahawai will help your business establish a fresh and steady content stream of your own that flows through all of your marketing outlets. We are your tunefully fluid content department, here to make your marketing easy, effective and uninterrupted.

Daniel Gordon
Content / Client Relations
Daniel is Kahawai’s head of content and client relations. A writer by nature and marketer by trade, Daniel built Kahawai from several years of success as a freelancer and prior experience in both agency and corporate copywriting roles. He holds a B.A. in mass communications from the University of South Florida, and has earned various marketing and leadership certificates from top institutions including Northwestern University, the University of Vermont and the University of California, Davis. Daniel named Kahawai as a nod to his hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii.
Roopa Bhopale
Creative / Brand
With a background in both business and visual arts, Roopa attacks challenges with imagination grounded in reality. Using her start in packaging design as a springboard into other creative fields, her skillset has grown to include art direction, branding, advertising, marketing strategy, front-end design and photography. Roopa’s educational foundation in business, design and photography comes from studying at the University at Albany and the School of Visual Arts.
Josh Irvine
Strategy / Operations
Josh Irvine brings a diverse background from working on many different clients in a multitude of industries. With extensive backgrounds in digital marketing and video production, Josh understands that impactful content can be leveraged across many different platforms in today's digital-first mindset. Josh graduated from the University of California, San Diego, and still resides in America's Finest City.

How can Kahawai make your marketing more meaningful and manageable?


Kahawai is the island-style marketing and communications agency. Call on us for content and creative services that keep your marketing in motion.

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