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You know those prizes that prove you’re the champion of ski ball, whack-a-mole, or pop a shot?

Well, ever wonder where all of those toys come from and how they get there? BMI is a B2B client that hired Kahawai to execute a niche content marketing campaign that took a consumer-like approach to reach a B2B audience base.

The brand was ripe for a creative boost, offering the unique opportunity for Kahawai to bring fun, consumer, and even retail-style marketing to a B2B company. A client since 2020, Kahawai has elevated the BMI brand through creative strategy, email campaigns, social media content, and much more via our flex budget model.

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Email Marketing

Kahawai sends weekly emails to BMI’s list of 12,000 subscribers. In addition to creative, we also worked in the backend to retroactively segment the audience based on intent and preference. Coupling targeting with introducing A/B testing and monthly reports, we elevated BMI’s email marketing efforts on all fronts.

Social Media

BMI’s core ethos is to move fun forward. As their agency, we leaned into humor, pop culture, holiday seasons and blockbuster releases to promote this colorful, playful brand. Although BMI serves a B2B audience base, building the brand’s personality is important. Through social media, Kahawai helps establish the personalities at BMI, promote their company culture, and build brand awareness - all in the name of creating a digital footprint to be proud of!

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Asset Production

In the marketing landscape of 2022, video and photo production needs to be scalable, quantifiable, and malleable. We like to call them asset productions, because between email, social, web, and possibly even print, having imagery on hand helps create a marketing-ready library we can pull from easily.

Flex Budget

BMI is an early adopter of the flex budget, which allows clients a fixed number of hours per month to be used as needed month-to-month.

For BMI, this list has included:

Print Ads

Social Media Contest

Sales Collateral

Tradeshow Booth Design

Paid LinkedIn Campaign

Planning & Budgeting

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