Kahawai x Graph Paper Press
One of the first WordPress theme designers calls on Kahawai to create fresh blogs and emails for its audience of nearly 300,000 users.
Blog Content
Graph Paper Press was an early pioneer in the WordPress theme space but late to the game of content marketing. We helped them catch up with an organized content strategy and quick influx of high-quality articles.
Email Marketing & Social Media
Most clients who call on us for blog content also end up awarding us their email and social media contracts. We love when this happens (and they do, too) because it brings the Big 3 of content—blog, email and social—under one roof.
Every company speaks to its audience. When you can make them the stars of your messaging beyond a standard testimonial, that’s special. In Graph Paper Press, we uncovered the opportunity to “talk story,” as the locals in Hawaii would say, with the very people using the developer’s website templates.
Featured User: Award-Winning Photojournalist William Thomas Cain
Featured User: Photographer Harriet Roberts
Sell Media: See How Featured User Nate Hart Sells His Photography Online
Think of a cool content idea (or ask us to think of one for you). Then, let’s try it out.
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