Kahawai x Greg Weiss
Art is hard, but Greg Weiss makes it look easy with a beautifully minimalist website that is as simple to manage as it is to navigate.
When you have artwork as lively and colorful as that of Greg Weiss, you need a website that uses white space to moves viewers’ eyes from one image to the next. After outgrowing his first website, Greg called on us to build him a new one that will always have room for his latest painting.
We gave Greg’s site a front-end facelift that preserves the integrity and dimensions of his paintings on any device. The best part about it is that you don’t even know we were there; the design puts the art front and center, with no distractions.
The back-end of the site got a much-needed refresh, too. Now, Greg can add paintings, adjust the layout and share his latest news with just a few clicks in WordPress.
Your website is either helping or hindering you. Let’s make sure it’s helping.
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