Kahawai x Life Wellness
Elevated branding for a manufacturer of safe, transparent, hemp-based medicines.
Brand Identity
In the crowded and confusing cannabis industry, Life Wellness products are as clear as day. That’s because Life Wellness invested in their brand, beginning with positioning, values, messaging and visuals. We gave them the brand guide every company needs.
Life Wellness’ six product lines are explained visually with a light touch of copywriting in this crisp, airy booklet. Give it a click and see how effortlessly it reads.
We also made a corresponding one-pager that leads into the brochure, so the business development team can provide quick info and/or more info depending on where in the sales funnel a prospective distributor may be.
We can brand with the best of them, and then take you further than the rest of them. Let’s get started.
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