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Phot of a macBook laptop open on a dark wooden desk with the Hyascent website pulled up which shows a glass home fragrance diffuser


Overhead flatlay mockup of pages from a brand guidelines booklet, including a cover that says Hyascent Brand Voice in white text on black background, alongside other pages containing text about brand personality, mission, and values as well as photos of the glass home fragrance diffuser.

Email Marketing

Photo of 3 iphone 13 pros, each with a different screen showing an email. The first shows text about the fall and moodboards related to two fragrance diffusers. The middle shows a wilted rose next to the glass diffuser with the title Forget Flowers. The third shows four different location icons next to photos of different high end hotel marketing images.


Overhead flatlay of gray background with an open landscape sized booklet. The left page in the spread shows 3 photos and the title Playful fragrances with personality. The right page shows the glass diffuser bottle next to text "wood. Glass. Oil. That's it."


Overhead angle photo of a person wearing blue jeans, gold watch, cream sweater and with brown hair blurred at the top of the frame. In their hand is a white iPad tablet with the Hyascent website pulled up, showing the glass diffuser and 3 informative icons.


Before Vs. After Website Launch

increase in returning customer rate
increase in conversion –adding product to cart
new subscribers to email list from online scent finder quiz
Screenshot of the Hyascent website which shows the text "What's your style" next to a "Back" arrow and a "Restart" arrow. Under that are four different pictures showing people in various clothing, and with the answers/descriptions underneath.

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