Why Scalability and Transparency Are Important for a B2B Content Marketing Agency

Scaling content production is crucial for maximizing impact in terms of awareness, SEO, and thought leadership.

December 27, 2022


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Content marketing has become crucial in the B2B space as a way to engage potential customers so they can understand the brand, mission, and value of a company. Scaling content production helps maximize the impact of content marketing by increasing awareness, boosting SEO, and developing a reputation for thought leadership. But it’s not enough to put out a high volume of content. To increase engagement, content needs to be high-quality, thoughtful, authentic, and informative. 

This is where Kahawai comes in. What separates Kahawai from other agencies is our specialization as a B2B content marketing agency that focuses on producing digital content through visual, video, and written content creation. Our clients are then able to scale their digital content efforts as they grow. We take the stress out of content planning and development, so our clients can focus on what they do best and keep their marketing efforts in motion. 

Content Creation - Writing 

As a B2B content marketing agency, Kahawai, operates on a model that prioritizes transparency with our clients. When clients work with Kahawai, they know how much they are paying for each piece of content every time. We offer different budgets and scopes depending on the type of content you need, how much content you need, and how quickly you will need it done. One way or the other, we make it easy and scalable so that the focus is on the content, not the administrative work.

Our transparent model also makes it easier for clients to increase the amount of content they need without worrying about a decrease in quality. Churning out quality content at high volume takes effort and hard work, and few have the tools or even time to implement content marketing up to scale. We take the time to learn our clients’ businesses and understand their goals, which we then use to turn them into a purveyor of useful, consistent, branded information. 

Visual Content - Photo & Video 

The saying is true, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and a moving picture has the potential for even richer storytelling. Video is the most intimate medium, and as social media algorithms continue to favor video over static images, investing in both is becoming increasingly important to make an impression. 

When it comes to our visual content services, we apply the same customer and content-first approach. We do not view video production as a way to pad out expenses. When we propose a budget, we do so in a way that cuts savings across the board without sacrificing quality. We use our N2E or the “not to exceed” billing model, which means that the production process is transparent so that clients can understand exactly what they are paying for. 

When our clients get the final bill after video production is complete, they can see the line-for-line breakdown for how much each part of their production costs. Any savings we can get within each line—for example, actors, film crew, editing, etc.—is cut from the final bill so that clients can absorb the savings and spend it elsewhere. Our wrap process is a fully transparent delivery that involves turning over the receipts from every expenditure. With our approach, our clients can get the most value within their budget and often even have enough left over to reinvest so scaling their photo & video content publication is much more accessible. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how a B2B content marketing agency like Kahawai can help your business with content production, take a more in-depth look at our content marketing services

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