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What Is a Content Marketing Agency?

May 22, 2023


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The history books of ancient Greece contain the first recorded instance of a marketing consultant, demonstrating the age-old recognition of the significance of branding and messaging.

For centuries, businesses and organizations have recognized the importance of the written word in building a successful reputation and gaining the trust of their customers. From the earliest civilizations using symbols and marks to distinguish their goods to the modern-day use of sleek logos, catchy slogans and targeted ads, the power of effective branding has stood the test of time. Given the saturated and competitive landscape of the internet, a strong brand and message are now more critical than ever, making it essential for businesses to understand the different types of agencies available to assist in their efforts.

What is a content marketing agency vs. an advertising agency?

Advertising: Advertising is the art of promoting a product or service by purchasing media space and creating strategic campaigns to attract potential customers. Today, advertising agencies are often called digital marketing agencies because they specialize in using online platforms and technologies to reach their target audience.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is the process of creating a consistent brand message that can be shared across multiple channels, which is essential for the success of any marketing campaign. Achieving this harmony between the brand message and its shared channels requires collaboration between the advertiser and the content creator. In today's marketing agency landscape, it is difficult for any individual to specialize in both areas.

What do we mean when we say ‘brand with content?’

Kahawai believes strongly in branding with content being the primary initial focus of any business looking to expand its horizons.

Instead of pouring money directly into advertising, your company can see much more scalable results by first strengthening your brand through the following marketing tools:

  • Website
  • Google My Business profile
  • Social Media
  • Blog Content/Gated PDFs
  • Case Studies/White Papers
  • Landing Pages

When you put the focus on branding with content by prioritizing these elements, your company’s budget will go much further and you will eventually be able to level up to advertising alongside ongoing content marketing with the expectation that they will each fuel each other’s performance.

Why does a B2B content marketing agency focus on content development?

Your business-to-business company’s long-term and short-term success are both weighed heavily on having a noticeable and impactful digital footprint. Your services are extremely valuable to companies looking for precisely what you do. And when those companies are looking for your exact expertise, how are you making it possible for them to find you? The answer is with content. It’s what brings people into your marketing funnel and eventually gets them to trust and choose you.

Content is the gateway to both marketing and advertising success for any B2B company. This is why a B2B content marketing agency like Kahawai is all in on content—and why you should be too!

If you’re ready to brand with content, email us at info@kahawaicontent.com.

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